Manufactured Housing

What is Manufactured Housing?

Manufactured housing, also referred to as factory-built housing, is housing that is prefabricated offsite and then relocated to the final site. Manufactured housing encompasses a variety of types that include, but are not limited to: modular houses, mini-homes, mobile homes, micro apartments, and ADUs. Manufactured housing can reduce material and design costs, making it more affordably priced than traditional stick-built housing; they also reduce risk for developers and limit problems created by labor shortages. However, shipping costs can increase the cost of manufactured housing and nearby supply chains need to be present for manufactured housing to be feasible.

Approaches Met

Develop housing options for seniors to age-in-community

Manufactured housing presents a diverse housing type for seniors. Manufactured housing units can be organized into senior living communities.

Create a range of price options for housing

Manufactured homes are lower cost options to other housing types.

Make it Happen

Manufactured Housing in Practice

Chester County Ordinances

West Pikeland and Phoenixville have created ordinances for mobile homes which can be used as model ordinances.

Green Pastures Senior Cooperative, Oregon

Residents own the mobile home land in a cooperative format. The mobile home park is age-restricted.

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