Universal Design

What is Universal Design?

Residential universal design serves individuals of all ages and abilities by standardizing accessible features such as no-step entryways, one-story living, open floor plans, ramps, wider doorways and hallways, varied counter heights, soft-closing drawers and cabinets, automated lighting, lever-style handles, rocker panel switches, and non-slip surfaces. These features serve all residents, age groups, levels of physical ability, and health status.

Approaches Met

Help seniors age-in-place

Universal design helps homes meet residents' needs throughout their lifetimes.

Keep seniors physically and socially connected

Universal design implemented in public spaces enables seniors to continue to use these spaces as their abilities decrease.

Make it Happen

Universal Design in Practice


FabCab homes implement universal design elements into their homes. These elements include wide doorways, ample space to maneuver, and single-story living.

Lifelong Montclaire, Montclair, NJ

The Lifelong Montclair plan is a plan completed in conjunction with AARP and includes the implementation universal design aspects.

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