Senior Living Zoning

What Is Senior Living Zoning?

Senior living zoning can include defined uses or districts and are created for the direct purpose of encouraging and allowing senior living housing arrangements for seniors. Due to the specificity of senior living zoning, zoned areas are usually small and work to encourage individual project(s) in the zone. Senior living zoning encourages development of senior housing in appropriate locations, with proximity to amenities such as medical, retail, open space, and multimodal transportation options. Senior living zoning can include additional non-residential or residential uses.

Senior living zoning uses define senior living housing (such as nursing homes, independent living facilities, and continuing care) as unique uses, which can be permitted in existing residential zones. All senior living housing styles can be included as one use, or each type of senior living housing can be a unique use.

Approaches Met

Develop housing options for seniors to age-in-community

Senior living zoning permits the development of diverse housing types within the community that meet seniors' needs.

Keep seniors physically and socially connected

Senior living zoning can allow for senior housing to develop in areas with access to amenities.

Create a range of price options for housing

Senior living zoning can encourage the development of multifamily smaller units, which are often less expensive than larger single-family homes.

Make it Happen

Age Restricted Zoning in Practice

East Brandywine Township, PA — Age-qualified residential community

Section 399-102.6 of the East Brandywine Township Zoning Ordinance provides standards for the development and construction of age-qualified residential communities that are permitted by special exception in some residential districts.

East Pikeland Township, PA — Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Section 603-2 of the East Pikeland Township Zoning Ordinance provides standards for the development of continuing care communities, which are permitted as conditional uses in some residential districts.

Howard County, MD — Residential: Senior-Institutional District

Senior living zoning focusing on senior housing in conjunction with institutional community uses

Calvert County, MD — Age-Restricted Housing Communities

Senior living zoning focusing on lower to high density senior living housing. Contains a minimum of 20 units.

Township of Florence, NJ High-Density Residential — Age-Restricted Affordable Housing

Senior living zoning focusing on high-density affordable senior housing. Permitted uses include multifamily senior living affordable housing units, senior community centers, management offices, and township administration offices.

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