Five-Year Assessment of Landscapes3

The overall vision of Landscapes3 is: "In 2045, Chester County abounds with healthy natural areas, robust farms, cherished historic sites, diverse housing, thriving businesses, quality education, accessible transportation, and vibrant communities for all."

How have we done with this Vision over the past five years? Overall, pretty good, despite the pandemic and its many impacts that are still reverberating throughout our society and economy. We have continued preserving significant open space, modernizing our agricultural industry, preserving historic sites, building more apartments and townhouses, expanding our businesses, upgrading our educational infrastructure, adding trails and sidewalks, and improving our local communities.

Not everything has been perfect, but, in the face of tremendous international and national crises and ongoing development pressure, Chester County has balanced its growth and preservation fairly well.

To assess how we have done, the planning commission analyzed the implementation of the 57 Landscapes3 recommendations, measured on-the-ground change with a variety of metrics, and identified where development occurred in relation to growth and rural resource areas.