Chester County Resources
Working to House the Senior Population

While multiple departments within the County of Chester work with the senior population, three departments currently complete work that is particularly applicable to housing for an aging population; the Department of Aging Services, the Department of Community Development, and the Planning Commission. Each of these three departments offers unique services and programs, working to help ensure safe and quality housing for the senior population.

Chester County Department of Aging Services
Providing Human Services for the Senior Population

The Chester County Department of Aging Services and numerous programs and services help seniors age-in-community safely. Services include a Nursing Home Transition program, Nursing Facility Assessments, Options Program, PDA Waiver Program, and a Personal Care Boarding Home Supplement.

Chester County Department of Community Development
Developing Affordable Homes for the Senior Population

The Chester County Department of Community Development (DCD) provides housing, neighborhood improvement, workforce development, and social services to citizens so that they can have the opportunity to live and work in a safe, stable, and diverse community.

DCD administers Federal, State and County funds to address affordable housing, homeless assistance, community and economic development, job training, and provides career services at the PA CareerLink® - Chester County.

DCD serves as the Coordinating Agency for the Decade to Doorways Partnership, the Community's 10-Year Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness in Chester County. All of these programs help seniors in the county.

Chester County Planning Commission
Planning for the Senior Population

The Chester County Planning Commission recognizes the need for housing to evolve to meet changing needs. Landscapes3, the County's comprehensive plan supports housing for an aging population through multiple goals, objectives and recommendations, but most specifically through the following Live Goal

To nurture diverse and well-rounded communities with a balance of residential opportunities and convenient access to community facilities, services, and amenities.

Live Objective C: Support safe and accessible places for people of all ages and abilities, from children to seniors, through development of appropriate housing, community facilities, and amenities.

Recommendations for housing policy, new goals for affordable housing, and universal design are also relevant to the senior population, and the Landscapes3 map and associated designations help guide development and infrastructure.

Landscapes Map
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The Chester County Planning Commission and Department of Community Development have jointly worked to create new programs to implement Landscapes3 housing goals. In 2019 the County created the Housing Choices Committee to work towards implementing Chester County housing goals. In 2019, the County began the A+ Homes initiative, which calls for supportive policy, innovative design and regulation, and partnerships between community stakeholders.

View recording from the November 2020 presentation on Housing for an Aging Population.