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An official website of the Chester County Government.


Chester County is a major provider of agricultural products, second in the state, with a strong agricultural economy and extensive areas of preserved farmland. This web page provides information on the farm economy, a few of the agriculture initiatives, and the farmland preservation program.

Ag Top
Farm Guide

Farm Product Guide

Use the Chester County Farm Guide to find over 125 local farms and markets, and learn about the farmers and ag service professionals who make it all possible. Learn More

Info Sheets

Ag Info Sheets

Info sheets on a variety of agricultural topics relevant to Chester County. Learn More


Agriculture Tools for Municipalities

View tools that help promote environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture at the municipal level. Learn More

Ag Plan

Agricultural Economic Development Strategic Plan

This plan was created in partnership with stakeholders from across the region to facilitate a successful transition to the future by supporting local communities. Learn More

Farmland Preservation

Farmland Preservation

Chester County's farmland preservation program is run by the county Department of Parks and Open Space Preservation. Learn More


County Agriculture Planning Policies

Strengthening the agricultural industry and protecting farmland are essential components of Landscapes3, the county's comprehensive plan. Learn More


Agriculture Partners

There are many key partners across the county working on agricultural issues. Learn More

Acre Info Sheet

Agricultural, Communities and Rural Environment Act (ACRE)

In 2005, Act 38 went into effect to ensure that ordinances adopted by local governments to regulate normal agricultural operations are not in violation of state law. Learn More


Agricultural Data

View the current Ag Census and other data to gain a better understanding of who and what is being farmed in the county and beyond. Learn More