The Chester County Planning Commission is responsible for completing plan reviews under the Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247) and the Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537). The reviews evaluate proposed municipal comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances, and sewage facilities plans as well as proposed subdivision and land development site plans to assess their consistency with county planning policies and goals. Other reviews handled by the Planning Commission include NPDES (Act 67/68) reviews, Agricultural Security Area reviews, and pipeline related reviews.

Act 247 County Review

Application and Fee Schedule

Under the Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247) any proposed subdivision, land development proposal or ordinance revision, is to be submitted to the County Planning Commission for advisory review. View application and fee schedule.

Digital Submittal Process

Online submittals are required through the Chester County Self Service portal, or CSS, for all applications required for review under Act 247. A registered CSS account is required to complete the process. All documents related to the submittal should be PDFs and the Referral Application should be included. PDF copies of plan drawings must be flattened before uploading. Unflattened plans will be returned for correction.

Fee Payment

Once your plan has been processed, an invoice will be generated. CSS account holders can access the online payment system 24/7 to enter payment information directly. Most major credit card brands are accepted with a processing fee. Payment by check (mail or in-person) or via credit card at the Planning Commission office also remains available. Please wait to receive an invoice before submitting the payment. Please note: that the review process will not begin until the plan, completed Referral Application form, and payment have been received.


We are requiring appointments for all plans to be endorsed. Please call 610-344-6285 or email the office at before you come in.

Proposed Subdivision and Land Development Activity Map

This interactive map provides information about subdivisions and land developments reviewed by CCPC since 2012.  When you click on the map symbol, you can see the Plan Review Number, numbers of lots or units proposed in a subdivision, the square footage for proposed land developments, and the final CCPC review letter as available.  The map allows you to search for a development by municipality or address. View Map

Subdivision and Land Development Activity Reports

These reports list proposed subdivision and land development application submissions referred to CCPC for review under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Act 247. View Reports

Proposed Ordinances and Amendment Reports

These reports list municipal ordinance amendments and comprehensive plan updates submitted to CCPC for review under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Act 247. View Reports

Sketch Plan Assistance

One of the most effective ways to make proposed developments fit into your community is to use our optional sketch plan review service. This service is offered free of charge and it brings the municipality and developer together to create a better community. Planning Commission staff is available to meet to discuss sketch plans and will provide an informal review of the plan. Plans can also be submitted to our office using the standard plan submittal process and Act 247 Referral application and choose "Unofficial Sketch Plan" under Type of Review Requested. View Application

Act 537 Sewage Facility Reviews

PA Act 537 requires that Chester County review any proposed changes to a municipality's sewage facilities plan. CCPC conducts these reviews as part of its environmental planning. Learn More

Other Reviews

PA Act 67 and 68 Reviews

PA Acts 67 and 68 direct state agencies to consider local land-use plans and ordinances when reviewing applications for the funding of, or the permitting of, infrastructure or facilities. The goals of these two acts are to avoid conflicts with local land use decisions, and to facilitate consistent planning at the local, county, and regional levels. Learn More

Agricultural Security Area Reviews

The Agricultural Security Area Law (PA Act 43) allows the owners of farmland to enroll their property into an Agricultural Security Area (ASA), which is administered by their municipality. PA Act 43 also mandates that the County Planning Commission review submissions for inclusion into an ASA prior to the ASA submission being approved by the municipality. Learn More

Endorsement of Plans for Recording

How to Submit A Final Approved Plan Endorsement

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247) requires all subdivision plans to be recorded by the County Recorder of Deeds. Some land development plans may require recording as well (as-built plans, including as-built plans for NPDES permit termination, do not require endorsement by the CPPC and should proceed directly to the Office of the Recorder of Deeds).

For a plan to be recorded, it must have been reviewed by the CCPC and approved and signed by the municipal governing body. There is no additional CCPC fee for endorsing plans. View a guide to the required submittal materials.