What are Remodels?

Although seniors wish to stay in their current homes, often changing mental and physical abilities will limit their ability to do so. Remodels to implement accessibility upgrades and other changes are often needed to meet seniors' changing needs.

Approaches Met

Help seniors age-in-place

Remodeling existing homes to be more accessible allows seniors to remain in their current homes.

Facilitate multigenerational and shared housing

Remodels can include conversions of single family detached homes into multi apartment or multi-unit buildings.

Create a range of price options for housing

Remodeling single family homes into multifamily residences can create more affordably-priced homes. Converting commercial properties into residential properties can increase the supply of housing and generate more affordably-priced housing units.

Make it Happen

Municipalities can allocate funding to existing non-profits and other entities to implement home remodels through low interest loans or a revolving loan fund.

Remodels in Practice

The Chester County Department of Community Development

The Chester County Department of Community Development offers multiple small funding opportunities for home retrofits. This includes the Home Maintenance program, which provides assistance to homeowners who are age 65 or older with moderate home repairs and modifications such as roof, minor plumbing, flooring repairs, and general repairs that may improve the physical functioning of the elderly individual(s). The eligible applicant must be the owner of the home and the household's annual gross income must not exceed 50% of the area median income. The maximum amount of funding per single family dwelling unit is $4,500.

Home Today, Home Tomorrow Design Challenge

The Home Today, Home Tomorrow Design Challenge provides model home examples for remodeling homes to meet seniors' needs.

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