What are Micro-Apartments?

Micro-apartments are small apartments with functional kitchen and bathroom spaces. Micro-apartments may also be referred to as efficiency apartments. Micro-apartments typically have lower total rents with higher per square foot rent. Micro units are currently most popular in high density urban areas. An Urban Land Institute study found that micro-apartments outperformed traditional apartments in terms of occupancy and developer profit.

Approaches Met

Develop housing options for seniors to age-in-community

Micro-apartments are a diverse housing type that require lower maintenance and have less stairs for seniors to navigate.

Keep seniors physically and socially connected

Micro-apartments work best in denser urban centers, where seniors can spend a greater amount of time outside of their apartments. These areas are usually more walkable and better connected to public transportation.

Create a range of price options for housing

Due to their small size, micro-apartments are usually more affordably-priced.

Make it Happen

Municipalities can plan for micro-apartments by inclusion in their planning and zoning documents, reducing parking requirements, encouraging transit oriented development (TOD), and reducing minimum unit size.

Micro-Apartments in Practice

Making Room, AARP

The Making Room project included micro-apartment prototypes that could accommodate seniors' needs.

Hannover Exton Square Apartments, Exton, PA

The Hannover at Exton Square Apartments offer smaller units in Chester County with studios under 550 square feet and rents from $1,400.

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