Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

What is Transit Oriented Development?

A transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed use, walkable neighborhood located within a quarter mile of a transit stop or station and is designed to encourage the use of public transit. These developments use a compact, village-like land use pattern that mixes residential and local-scale retail and commercial land uses at densities that are typically higher than found in conventional suburban development.

Approaches Met

Develop housing options for seniors to age-in-community

TOD can provide a housing option for seniors who want to continue to live independently.

Keep seniors physically and socially connected

TOD connects residents to public transportation.

Create a range of price options for housing

TOD can decrease the need for developing parking, which decreases the cost of development.

Make it Happen

Transit Oriented Development in Practice

Paoli Train Station

The Paoli Train Station is an example of how municipal officials, transportation agencies and local stakeholders are working together to achieve a common redevelopment goal of the train station and its surrounding area. In Wiliistown Township, the "T" Transportation District is an example of a TOD that is located in the Paoli area.

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