Tools for Land Use

Accessory Dwelling Units

Adaptive Reuse

Affordably-priced Homes

Aging in Place

Agricultural Conservation Easements

Agricultural Zoning

Backyard Chicken Keeping

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities: Design

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities: Policy


Brownfield Redevelopment

Cellular Communications Facilities

Cluster Development

Conservation Easements

Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Farmworker Housing

Form Based Codes and Zoning Ordinances

Green Development Codes and Ordinances

Green Roofs


Greyfield Redevelopment

Growth Boundaries

Historic and Cultural Resource Preservation Planning

Historic Resource Protection Standards

Home-based Businesses

Housing Diversity

Housing Rehabilitation

Infill Development

Medical Marijuana

Mixed-use Development

Native Plants: Landscaping with Native Plants

Office Park Redevelopment

Official Map

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Lighting

Parking Facilities: Design

Parking Facilities: Policy

Parkland Dedication and Fee-In-Lieu Ordinances

Performance Zoning

Residential Conversions

Retaining Wall Design Standards

Roadway Connectivity

Rural Center Zoning

Secondary Farm Business

Self-Storage Facilities

Short-term Rentals

Sign Regulations

Site Analysis Plan

Sketch Plans

Smart Growth

Solar Energy Systems Zoning

Street Trees

Traditional Neighborhood Development

Transferable Development Rights (TDR)

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Transit Stops and Centers

Transportation Impact Fee Ordinances


Zoning Overlays



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