Chester County 2020

Chester County 2020 is a nonprofit, non-partisan "change agent" organization that connects and educates county residents and business and political leaders. Its programs focus on conservation, education and community. Visit Website

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)

DVRPC serves as the regional planning agency for the nine-county, bi-state, Greater Philadelphia area, which includes Chester County. The organization provides guidance and assistance to the region and focuses on transportation, land use, environmental protection and economic development. Visit Website

Natural Lands

Natural Lands is a nonprofit organization that saves open space, cares for nature, and connects people to the outdoors in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Visit Website

Brandywine Conservancy

The Brandywine Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that conserves and protects the land, water, natural and cultural resources of the Brandywine-Christina watershed. Visit Website

American Planning Association — Pennsylvania Chapter (APA PA)

The PA Chapter of the APA is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that focuses on the promotion of planning. The organization, which is a chapter of the American Planning Association, is for professional planners and planning officials in Pennsylvania. Visit Website

Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI)

PMPEI provides instruction to the local planning and zoning officials who serve Pennsylvania’s 2,500 municipalities and counties. Visit Website

Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA)

PALTA helps people conserve the lands needed for healthy, prosperous, and secure communities—the forests, farms, parks, urban gardens and other green places that safeguard our drinking water, prevent flooding, protect wildlife, provide recreational and economic opportunities, and preserve scenic beauty and community treasures. Visit Website