Existing Land Use

Annual Non-residential Construction Report

Non-Residential ConstructionThe Chester County Planning Commission tracks the non-residential construction across the county including total square footage, building type, and location.

Annual Housing Report

HousingEach year, the Chester County Planning Commission collects and reports data on housing prices, housing affordability, and new units constructed across Chester County as part of the ongoing implementation of Landscapes3, the county's comprehensive plan.

Assessed Value Per Acre — 2017

To illustrate tax value on a per acre basis, the Planning Commission created a three-dimensional map of the county. The map indicates concentrations of properties with higher tax values per acre mostly occur in the county's designated centers, which is consistent with the county's vision for efficient growth: vibrant downtowns, main streets, and mix-use centers. Learn more

Land Use Analysis — 2017

Land use is a basic description of the county's physical development. Parcel based data allows for a countywide comparison between past, present, and future uses of Chester County's 759 square miles of land. Current data shows the county is home to a diverse range of uses, including residential, non-residential, and agricultural uses. Balancing these diverse uses is one of the primary issues the County faces. View a summary of land use in the county, general changes over the past twenty years, and major trends.