Live Goal

LiveNurture diverse and well-rounded communities with a balance of residential opportunities and convenient access to community facilities, services, and amenities.

Why it Matters

Our neighborhoods, including homes, schools, libraries, community services, and parks, provide the foundation for public and individual health and significantly influence economic opportunity and social resiliency. Strong neighborhoods with a diversity of housing options that are affordable across all incomes are a cornerstone for community well-being. Other cornerstones are adequate emergency services, accessible community facilities, and supportive services that evolve to address the needs of all community members.

A variety of housing options promotes strong and diverse communities and encourages interaction across all stages of life - from young families to seniors. Housing options that accommodate new residents and changes in household composition are essential to a healthy community. Housing options complemented with convenient access to employment centers and transit improve quality of life in multiple ways — less time spent commuting, less pollution from long commutes, and more time for other activities.

Providing parks and recreation areas, community resources such as libraries, and local food supports healthy lifestyles and enhances sense of place and community. Multi-generational interactions, which can arise naturally in libraries and parks, promote greater social resiliency within communities. Providing homes and public facilities that are acceissble to all ages and abilities is critical, particularly as our senior population grows.

Emergency services, human services, and education opportunities strongly impact public safety and community well-being. These services require modern facilities, evolving programs, and adequate staff and volunteers to address community needs. Strong and diverse neighborhoods, robust community facilities, and services that evolve to meet the changing needs of communities will enable Chester County to continue to be a highly desirable place to live, work, and play.

Metrics to Measure Success