Land Use and Development

Design GuidesDesign Guide Series

These guides provide example policies, best design practices, and example regulatory strategies to guide municipal action and facilitate high quality development. View Documents

coverCommercial Landscapes Series (2017)

This planning series highlights the importance of repurposing significant commercial areas in Chester County and realistic strategies, recommendations and best practices. View Documents

coverLandowners Resource Guide for Pipeline Easements and Rights-of-Way (2015)

The resource guide provided here is intended to serve as a resource for landowners and residents, including those who may have an existing or proposed pipeline right-of-way on or near their property. Links and resources on easements are included for those interested in more detailed information on the subject.

Please note that landowners should not rely solely on this information to direct their land or financial decisions. This information is advisory and not intended to be, and should not be considered to be, a substitute for legal advice and planning. Any individual who undertakes specific suggestions presented in the resource guide should do so only after consulting with an experienced professional advisor. View Guide

coverCluster Subdivision Design Guide (2003)

This is intended to promote and support Landscapes by providing municipalities with the means to improve cluster design in their communities and achieve the attractive neighborhoods they desire. View Publication

coverVillage Planning Handbook (1993)

This Handbook offers a unique approach to looking at villages - from the context of Chester County, Rather than merely offering an inventory of existing villages, the Handbook provides the reader with a process by which existing villages can be conserved and even new villages created within the planning process under Pennsylvania law. View Publication