Endorsement of Plans for Recording

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247) requires all subdivision plans to be recorded by the County Recorder of Deeds. Some land development plans may require recording as well. For a plan to be recorded, it must have been reviewed by the Chester County Planning Commission (CCPC) and approved and signed by the municipal governing body. As-built plans, including as-built plans for NPDES permit termination, do not require endorsement by CCPC and should proceed directly to the Office of the Recorder of Deeds.

When you are ready to bring a plan in for recording, please call the Chester County Planning Commission at 610-344-6285 or email the office at ccObfuscationplanning@Obfuscationchesco.org. An appointment is required. There is no fee charged for endorsement of plans.

When requesting an appointment with CCPC please provide:

Before appointments are made, the plans will be reviewed by CCPC to ensure there are no issues or questions.


The following items must be addressed prior to receiving CCPC Endorsement: