PA Acts 67 and 68

PA Acts 67 and 68 direct state agencies to consider local land-use plans and ordinances when reviewing applications for the funding of, or the permitting of, infrastructure or facilities. The goals of these two acts are to avoid conflicts with local land use decisions, and to facilitate consistent planning at the local, county, and regional levels. Acts 67 and 68 amended the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) to provide tools for local governments to plan for and manage growth. According to these amendments, state agencies "shall consider and may rely upon comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances when reviewing application for the funding or permitting of infrastructure or facilities." Furthermore, Acts 67 and 68 provide direction and guidance to DEP staff, applicants, and local or county governments.

If you are applying for funding or a permit from DEP, you may be required to submit a "Municipal or County Land Use Letter," as set forth by the DEP.

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