New Jersey Resources – Adelphia Gateway Project

Interstate Energy Company (a subsidiary of Talen Energy) was acquired by New Jersey Resources’ Adelphia Gateway, LLC in November of 2017. As a result, the Interstate Energy Company content has been migrated to Adelphia Gateway, LLC’s website. Visit Website

The Adelphia Gateway Project, traversing portions of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Northampton counties will convert the remaining 50 miles of an existing 84-mile pipeline in southeastern Pennsylvania from oil to natural gas delivery. The northern 34 miles of the pipeline — extending from western Bucks County to Martins Creek Terminal in Northampton County — were converted to deliver natural gas in 1996. This project will repurpose the southern 50-mile portion of the pipeline to flow natural gas utilizing existing infrastructure and will require minimal new construction. Once converted, the pipeline will transport approximately 91 million dekatherms per year of natural gas to the greater Philadelphia market.

When in service, the pipeline conversion from oil to natural gas will give customers in the greater Philadelphia area a new, “competitively-priced” source of natural gas. Adelphia Gateway intends to have delivery interconnects with local distribution companies (LDCs) and other industrial end users, such as natural gas-powered electric generation facilities, in various locations along the pipeline route.

A full project description and mapping can be viewed at the following links:

Project Activity

CCPC response to Draft FERC Environmental Assessment

On January 31, 2019, the Chester County Planning Commission (CCPC) provided their comments to the FERC Draft Environmental Assessment for the Adelphia Gateway project. To view documents related to the Adelphia Gateway project, visit the FERC website, select "General Search" from the eLibrary menu and enter the docket number "CP18-46" in the Docket Number field. The CCPC also created a map of the Adelphia Gateway route and proposed Blowdown Assembly and Main Line Valves in Chester County.

Draft FERC Environmental Assessment Available

On January 4, 2019, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for comment on the Adelphia Gateway Project. The FERC Docket Number is CP18-46. To view the Draft Environmental Assessment, visit and enter Docket Number CP18-46 into the search box to retrieve a chronological listing of documents. Comments may be submitted to FERC via mail or through their e-file system within 30 days of their posting date of January 4, 2019.

Adelphia Gateway Project - Draft FERC EA Announcement

On October 19, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Notice of Schedule for the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Adelphia Gateway Project. The Issuance of the EA is scheduled for January 4, 2019.  The FERC Docket Number is CP18-46. View the FERC Announcement. Comments may be submitted via mail or through the FERC e-file systems, and are due to FERC within 30 days of the posting of the Draft EA.  When the EA is made available, a link will be posted.

Adelphia Gateway, LLC applies to FERC for Certificate of Public Convenience

January 23, 2018 — Adelphia Gateway, LLC (Adelphia) filed an application for Adelphia Gateway Project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a certificate authority to acquire and convert certain existing pipeline and auxiliary facilities, to construct additional auxiliary facilities, and to own and operate the existing and new facilities as an interstate natural gas pipeline system. View Letter

You can also view Adelphia’s application on the FERC website. Select the eLibrary link from the left hand side (green and white image of a computer mouse), select eLibrary from the left column, and then use the "general search" for the Adelphia Gateway Project, and enter Docket Number CP18-46. You can also find information on the proposed project on the company's website.  Contact information listed for the project is 800-843-3179 or