Single Use Plastic Ordinances in Chester County

Several municipalities in Southeast PA have passed single use plastic ordinances to reduce demand for unnecessary plastic products and the presence of plastic litter and pollution in their communities, and many more are considering such an ordinance. A single use plastics ordinance prohibits the distribution of single use plastic bags, and some include straws and take out containers as well. Surveys of residents and businesses issued by municipalities considering these ordinances have revealed overall support for passing single use plastic ordinances.

Consistency with County Policy

Chester County's Climate Action Plan

This plan supports reducing plastic usage and the procurement of single use plastics in county facilities and promoting source reduction in communities.

Chester Countys Watersheds 2045 Plan

Adopted in 2024, this plan notes the emerging negative impact of micro and plastics within the environment (p. 54).

Chester County Solid Waste Authority's Zero Waste Plan for the Lanchester Landfill service area

The Solid Waste Authority's mission statement includes an overall long-term goal of achieving zero waste, and this plan identifies strategies to work towards this goal, including promoting source reduction by consumers, business, and institutions (p. 5).

Fact Sheet

The Chester County Planning Commission Prepared a fact sheet for municipalities considering adoption of a single use plastics ordinance. This information is up-to-date as of April 2024.

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Single Use Plastic Ordinances in Chester County

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