Campaign of 1777: Battle of Brandywine Videos

A video entitled "The Battle of Brandywine" was produced by the ABPP Grant Project Director, Sean Moir, to further the public outreach efforts about the findings of the study and the history of the battle. The video features the order of battle, military artwork by Bryant White and Pamela Patrick White, and terrain and cultural resource analysis which brings the animated map and the project to life.

Correction in video #4 thanks to one of our viewers: The tri-color flag is shown incorrectly as the flag of France in 1777. The pictured flag was flown during the French Revolution, 15 years later.

Part 1: The Road To Brandywine

Part 2: Morning Approaches

Part 3: Washington's Perspective

Part 4: The Battle

Part 5: Beyond Brandywine

Special Feature 1: Order Of Battle

Special Feature 3: Military Artwork

Special Feature 4: 3D Terrain Analysis

Special Feature 5: 3D Historic Resources

Playlist: Parts 1-5

Special Features 1-5