Heritage Tourism Plan

Chester County has prepared a comprehensive Heritage Tourism Plan (adopted April 24, 2024) through which communities, sites, and entities may tell local and regional stories that highlight community identity and support local and regional preservation, conservation, and quality of life. The Heritage Tourism Plan is intended to increase heritage tourism in the county as an economic factor; encourage preservation of and investment in heritage sites and resources; and raise public awareness of the significance of historic communities and landscapes.

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Thematic Framework

Six primary themes were identified through which to view Chester County's history and culture. Within these themes, subthemes and storylines are identified to embrace key aspects of the county's development. Every Chester County community, site, peoples, and story may find its place within this interpretive framework. The six primary themes include:

The Chester County Heritage Tourism Plan envisions implementation of a countywide interpretive presentation through which communities, sites, and entities tell their own stories through exhibits, public art, and other means. Storytelling will be coordinated between existing national and regional attractions and local communities and sites through the thematic framework outlined above. The interpretive presentation will enrich and enhance local communities throughout the county.

Part of the project created a marketing plan and consolidated data for Chester County tourism which are part of the plan.


If you have any questions, please contact David Blackburn, CCPC's Heritage Preservation Coordinator, at 610-344-6285 or dObfuscationblackburn@Obfuscationchesco.org.