Woodlands and Tree Protection

Trees and woodlands provide a multitude of benefits including removing carbon from the atmosphere, capturing stormwater runoff, protecting stream water quality through filtering pollutants, creating wind breaks and reducing dust, providing shade and wildlife habitat, and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Woodlands are of particular importance when located along headwater streams and contiguous forested areas provide valuable wildlife corridors. The presence of trees also has a positive impact on public health, property values, and creates more attractive streetscapes.

Development pressure, deer, and invasive species have resulted in the loss of trees and woodland cover throughout Chester County and the region. Replacement and regrowth of this important resource can take many years, especially when mature trees are removed.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information and tools in one location to assist in the protection and expansion of the county's wooded areas, tree canopy, and individual trees wherever they may be located.


Woodlands and Tree Canopy Mapping

The interactive county-wide tree canopy and woodlands map allows you to zoom in to view the tree canopy coverage in your community.

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Tree Planting and Reforestation Funding Sources and Programs

A number of grants and programs are available to support and fund tree planting projects.

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New Trees

Planting and Maintaining Trees

Choosing the right trees for the right place and maintaining them afterwards are essential elements to ensure new trees survive and thrive. Urban trees and their unique needs and the role of shade tree commissions are also addressed this section.

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Tree Protection

Tree Protection and Replacement Ordinances

Municipal tree protection and replacement ordinance standards can play a significant role in maintaining and expanding community tree cover.

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Woodlands and Tree Protection eTools and Planning Guides

The Planning Commission provides a number of eTools focused on woodlands and tree protection including Street Trees, Woodland Conservation, Urban Green Spaces, and Landscaping with Native Plants.

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Additional Resources for Woodland and Tree Protection

Learn about other tree and woodland issues and resources including community tree management, selecting trees for Pennsylvania's changing climate, native plants, and dealing with deer browse.

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