Complete Streets, Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

The Chester County Planning Commission works with municipalities to address improve pedestrian linkages and public transportation access and experience within the County. Improvements to pedestrian facilities provide County residents with an array of benefits from improved health to economic development.
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Trail Planning

CCPC partners with municipalities and other organizations to facilitate the construction of planned trails within the county. CCPC is also planning the extension of several existing multi-use trails to enhance regional trail connections and recreation opportunities for Chester County residents and visitors.
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Connecting Healthy Lifestyles and Transportation

CCPC has partnerted with the County Health Department to develop a study to promote healthy lifestyles by providing transportation alternatives to the car. The two departments will work with local municipalities to promote transportation choices, and the applicability of Smart Growth principles.
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Active Transportation Inventory

CCPC will inventory all municipalities and the results will be used to target locations where active transportation facilities and the municipal ordinances that require and standardize such facilities are most needed. Learn more.