Agriculture Partners

Chester County is committed to preserving, assisting and promoting agriculture. The County offers tax abatement, technical assistance and more to farmers and landowners, and helps inform residents about and connect them to local farm products. The agricultural industry is very important to Chester County as it provides local food, goods and services, and employment opportunities while preserving open space and maintaining the county's agricultural heritage.

Chester County Conservation District

The Conservation District is an organization that focuses on conserving soil for clean water. Visit their website and check out their YouTube channel for The Basics of Agricultural Conservation.

Chester County Parks + Preservation

Chester County Parks + Preservation provides preservation, recreation, educational, and stewardship services to the residents and visitors of Chester County so they can connect with natural and cultural resources and thrive in a sustainable healthy community. Visit Website

Chester Delaware County Farm Bureau

The Chester Delaware County Farm Bureau is strong grassroots advocate for farming and rural ag communities serving Chester and Delaware Counties. Visit Website

National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS)

The NASS conducts hundreds of surveys every year and prepares reports covering virtually every aspect of U.S. agriculture. Visit Website

Penn State Extension Service

Penn State Extension is an educational network that gives people access to the university's resources. Visit Website