Electric Vehicles

As the electric vehicle charging network gets built out, increasing numbers of Chester County residents are turning to electric vehicles for their transportation needs. Municipalities can accelerate and support this transition to electric vehicles by planning for and supporting new electric vehicle charging stations where charging would be most convenient, whether through proactively developing charging infrastructure or by adopting supportive ordinance requirements.

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PECO Electric Vehicles

PECO's Electric Vehicle (EV) page includes essential electric vehicle information, a checklist for assessing if your home and business are EV ready, information on charging and the associated rates, and how to register your vehicle for a rebate.

PA DEP Electric Vehicles

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection page on Electric Vehicles provides information on alternative fuels incentive grants, benefits of electric vehicles, a roadmap to increase electric vehicle use in Pennsylvania, and a fact sheet providing essential information about electric vehicles. The Amped: EV Webinar Series includes recorded webinars describing the basics and benefits of electric vehicles for residents, local governments, businesses, and fleet managers as well as an FAQ about driving electric vehicles.

U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center

This website provides a wide array of information on hybrid and electric vehicles including available tax credits and a calculator that allows you to compare fuel cost and emissions with a conventional vehicle.

Planning for Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicle eTool

This Chester County Planning Commission eTool provides a quick overview of electric vehicle information, benefits, considerations, and resources.

DVRPC Electric Vehicle Resource Kit

The Electric Vehicle Resource Kit is managed and updated to provide reliable and accurate information and answer new questions as they arise. The overall intent of the resource kit is to help answer the question "What should my municipality do about electric vehicles?" and is written with municipal managers in mind. The information may also be useful to businesses, fleet managers, and potential electric vehicle owners.

DVRPC Electric Vehicle Mapping

These interactive maps plot distributions of existing and projected Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) locations and workplace charging throughout the DVRPC region, as well as all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This mapping is helpful in understanding where the demand for new charging stations will be and assisting with sensible distribution between charging stations.

PennDOT's Electric Vehicle Registrations in Pennsylvania

PennDOT maintains a webmap depicting total electric vehicle registration by zipcode across the state. This information can help municipalities plan for charging by understanding the prevalence of electric vehicle ownership in their area.

Geospatial Energy Mapper

The GEM tool, or Geospatial Energy Mapper, maps suitable areas for electric vehicle charging based on corridors, population density, land cover, proximity to other EV charging stations, and other factors.

Example and Model Ordinances

PennDOT's EV Model Ordinance Toolkit

PennDOT, in collaboration with Temple University, produced model ordinance guidance for regulating the installation of EV charging stations in off-street parking lots.

West Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance

Section 325-33 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: These regulations address proposed private commercial and noncommercial charging stations and public use charging stations. The ordinance references the National Electric Code, "Electric Vehicle Charging and Supply Equipment Systems" for installation requirements.

Phoenixville Borough Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Section 22-417.7 of Vehicular Parking (Subsection 7 Electric Vehicle Parking): The standards included "Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Standards" which requires land developments meeting specific criteria to provide for the future installation of EV parking and charging stations. This requirement includes new one or two family residential structures and townhouses with garages. Requirements are also included for EV parking spaces for parking areas above a certain size. Signage, safety, and other standards are also addressed.

West Chester Borough Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances

Zoning Section 112.603 of Parking Space Requirements and SLDO Section 97.28 of the Parking requirements: West Chester Borough's SLDO ordinance requiring the installation of EV-ready and EV-Installed parking spaces in new construction (Section 97.28.F), and Zoning Ordinance requiring new single family and two family dwellings and new garages be EV-ready.

Funding for Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

The transportation sector accounted for 29% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US in 2021, which closely mirrors emissions sources in Chester County. As such, there is significant funding for transportation decarbonization projects, including electric vehicle purchase and charging station installations.

Resources for Individuals

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