Willistown Conservation Trust Acquires 90 Acres of Kirkwood Farm

Posted June 16, 2023

Kirkwood Farm

Land preservation is a top priority here in Chester County — which is why we're thrilled that 90 acres of the recently purchased Kirkwood Farm property has been acquired through a collaborative effort between the private buyer, director M. Night Shyamalan, and the Willistown Conservation Trust!

Earlier this year it was announced that Mr. Shyamalan had purchased the 218-acre property in Willistown Township, with the intention to protect it from development.

The property possesses valuable resources such as grasslands, hills, woodlands, and wildlife habitats — as well as connections to other preserved land in the area (Rushton Woods Preserve, Kirkwood Preserve, and Okehocking Preserve).

With the project wasting no time, the Willistown Conservation Trust plans to open the 90 acres of the 218-acre farm later this year, providing trails and open space to the public, along with stream buffers and native wildflowers to support the farm's abundant natural resources.

Funding has been secured through a private donor, as well as $500,000 through the county's Preservation Partnership Program toward the purchase of the property.

Overall, this collaborative effort is excellent news for Chester County as it aligns with the Preserve goal in Landscapes3 by offering public access to natural spaces, protecting wildlife habitats, and maintaining the area's scenic beauty for future generations to enjoy.

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