Modena Adopts New Comprehensive Plan

Posted February 17, 2023


Good planning starts with a good approach — and that's exactly how the Borough of Modena recently underwent the adoption of their new Comprehensive Plan!

The Chester County Planning Commission assisted with this process, serving as the Borough's consultant through the county's Vision Partnership Program (VPP). They were awarded an in-kind grant of $38,752, which was matched with $16,608 from the Borough.

The plan was officially adopted in November of 2022 — five months ahead of schedule. The process began with a kickoff in the spring of 2021, followed by various opportunities for public participation including a survey, stakeholder interviews, informational booths at community events, and public meetings, and concluded with the plans adoption in the fall.Modena Cover

The new Comprehensive Plan provides the Borough with a clear and concise roadmap to implement issues most pressing for the community over the next 10-15 years. Recommendations focus on the areas of resource preservation, connectivity, housing, economic development, community services, and future land use.

The plan further builds on ongoing initiatives in seeing projects such as the Mode Park and house restoration fulfilled, having targeted commercial amenities such as a convenience store located within the Borough, and to continue to best address stormwater challenges.

CCPC's Chris Patriarca and Kate Clark assisted with the adoption of Modena's Comprehensive Plan.

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