Join us in celebrating America's 250th


Posted January 26, 2022

From the places we visit, to the traditions we carry across generations, history is all around us here in Chester County. The Brandywine Battlefield, iron and steel and agriculture industries, and architecture are just a few examples. This history shapes us, orients us, grounds us, motivates us, inspires us, amazes us, connects us, and most importantly, unites us.

On July 4, 2026, communities across the nation will come together to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the United States of America. From concerts and parades, to ceremonies and formal gatherings, this multiyear effort will inspire Americans to connect to the past by celebrating our nation's first 250 years, and inspire our future by thinking about the next 250 years.

America250 represents a coalition of public and private partners all working to create initiatives and programs that honor our nation. The commemoration period began in 2020, culminates on July 4, 2026, and officially concludes in 2027.

Join us in honoring this great event by applying to be a part of Chester County's America250PA County Advisory Committee! Learn more and apply.