Oxford Region Planning Committee


Watershed Protection and Stormwater Management

The six Oxford Region municipalities are committed to working with residents and partner organizatoins to manage stormwater, protect drinking water, and preserve our watersrsheds for agriculture and biodiversity.

Calendar of Events

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to identify events or opportunities to volunteer or learn more about restoring and protecting our streams and drinking water.  To add an event, email orpceac@gmail.com.

Facebook Page

Our volunteer EAC has launched a Facebook page that provides more frequent updates about news and events of interest to all who care about protecting our watersheds and enhancing water quality.

Learn More

Rainwater landing on the ground can produce a problem for your property, for neighbors and for your township or borough. Here’s a summary of the challenges in less than 60 seconds and a deeper dive viewing our region as part of the Chesapeake Bay Basin.

Forty percent of streams in Chester County are impaired -- meaning they receive more pollutants each year than natural systems can absorb and still provide the environmental services on which we depend.  Use this map to see whether streams near you are impaired or are meeting standards set by federal and state regulations.

Here’s a classic 2-page introduction to how we cope with stormwater runoff in Chester County and a detailed guide to managing stormwater on your property.

Get Involved

The six Oxford Region municipalities have been sponsoring information tabling events during Oxford First Fridays and expanding educational outreach via social media.  If you’d like to help, email orpceac@gmail.com.

The Octoraro Watershed Association (OWA) has resumed volunteer stream monitoring at 12 locations across the 208 sq. mile Octoraro Watershed (see calendar) and would love to have you join us. Contact rupertrossetti@gmail.com.

Partner Resources

Alliance for Chesapeake Bay Reduce Your Stormwater

Chester County Solid Waster Authority — Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste

Chester County Water Resources Authority — Stormwater Management

Master Watershed Steward Program


To propose an addition to the calendar "invite" please email orpceac@gmail.com.