Chester County Planning Commission Sewage Facilities Reviews

PA Act 537 requires that Chester County review any proposed changes to a municipality's sewage facilities plan. CCPC conducts these reviews as part of its environmental planning. Along with this ongoing task, the CCPC is involved with land use planning relating to public utilities, hazardous waste, and natural resources, from mineral extraction and storm water management to protecting endangered species and unique habitats.

Download the CCPC Act 537 Municipal Referral form.

Download guidance regarding on-lot sewage facilties presented in Planning Bulletin #42: On-lot Sewage.

Chester County Health Department Sewage Facilities Resources

The Chester County Health Department is responsible for issuing permits for the installation of individual and small community on-lot sewage disposal systems, and well construction. Wells permitted include private water supply wells, geothermal wells and boreholes, and monitoring wells used at sites of known or suspected groundwater contamination. The Health Department is also responsible for the enforcement of Pennsylvania Act 537 Regulations whenever there is a violation related to on-lot sewage disposal systems.

Visit the Heath Department Website.

View a map showing the municpalities covered by each of the Health Department Sewage Enforcement Officers.