Updates from West Vincent Township

Posted December 20, 2022

West Vincent

The Chester County Planning Commission received an update from Sara Shick of West Vincent Township's Board of Supervisors, along with Edward Theurkauf of Theurkauf Design & Planning, at their December board meeting. Ed served as the consultant for the township's recent update to their Forest Protection Ordinances.

Before turning it over to Ed, Sara thanked the county for assisting with this project through the Vision Partnership Program, in which they were a 2021 recipient.

Ed followed by discussing West Vincent's unique characteristics that warranted enhanced protection — Hopewell Big Woods, interior forests, natural heritage areas, greenway corridors, and heritage trees. He noted that although West Vincent always had strong environmental protection ordinances, specific areas needed more attention such as protecting the highest quality forests, clearing mitigation standards, greenways, specimen timber, and harvesting standards.

These ordinance revisions helped to prioritize West Vincent's vital resources and provide better protection standards in support of the county's comprehensive plan, Landscapes3.

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