Meet Chester County Ag Council's Program and Communications Coordinator

Posted December 14, 2021


As a major provider of agricultural products and jobs that help drive our regional economy, it's no wonder agriculture is one of Chester County's top industries. The Chester County Agricultural Development Council was created to support local farming through outreach and cultivating strategic partnerships. As the Ag Council's Program and Communications Coordinator, Ann Lane enjoys telling residents about the unsung farming heroes throughout the county and the essential work they do.

Ann got to know the Ag Council through a prior job with a farming advocacy organization. "Growing up, I had always wanted to be a farmer until I realized I was better suited to supporting local farming through outreach and advocacy,"" she said. "Part of my work now is letting people know about the many different kinds of jobs in agriculture like mine that don't involve owning a farm or operating a tractor."

Some of Ann's duties as Program and Communications Coordinator include administering the annual agriculture awards program, overseeing the Council's social media accounts, and producing the annual farm guide — A Guide to Local Farm Products in Chester County. "I get to meet a lot of interesting and talented farmers and agriculture service providers. I'm also a good person to ask for suggestions on where to buy anything grown or raised in Chester County!" Ann added.


When asked what her favorite project was, Ann noted that producing the farm guide each year is her favorite. "I love getting to talk to people whose farm businesses I admire and finding out why they farm the way they do. It also gives me a chance to improve my photography skills and practice communicating ideas through visual media," she said.

One of Ann's favorite places in Chester County is Exton Park, as it has great amenities for kids, a few lesser-known trails in the woods, a trail head for the Chester Valley Trail, and (on good weather days), a possible cricket match or hang glider taking off.

Ann currently resides in Exton, PA with her husband, two daughters, and their dog, Duncan. In her spare time, she can most likely be found shopping at the Downingtown Farmers Market, exploring a local trail, or gardening.

"My kids' friends know that if they come to our house, the odds are good that I'll have them outside pulling carrots or picking cherry tomatoes. It's important to teach children where our food comes from," says Ann.

To learn more about the Chester County Ag Council, see the current farm guide, and more, visit