Stormwater Facility Operation and Maintenance

Stormwater management facilities are structures that are used to remove pollutants from waterways, prevent stream damage and erosion, prevent flooding, and protect public health. These structures can be located on the surface (gutters, swales, channels, stormwater retention and detention basins, catch basins, rain gardens etc.), underground (stormwater piping, infiltration trenches, oil-water separators, underground storage structures etc.), or even on the roofs of buildings (vegetated "green roofs"). These facilities require periodic maintenance to operate effectively. This tool presents the basis for establishing an operation and maintenance plan for all storm water facilities within an organization's jurisdiction.


The use of a properly written and designed Stormwater Facilities Operation and Maintenance Plan agreement saves energy and other resources by:


Limitations to implementing a Stormwater Facilities Operation and Maintenance Plan can include:

How to Use This Tool

Requirements for the long term maintenance of all stormwater management facilities should be incorporated into municipal ordinance language. The introductory paragraph to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code empowers all municipalities to enact ordinances that, among other things, promote the conservation of energy.

Stormwater Facilities Management


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