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Embrace smart transportation improvements for roadways

Educate and advocate for smart travel demand management strategies and new technologies to enhance roadway safety and reduce congestion.


Funding limitations have created a statewide and regional long range policy of directing transportation improvements toward maintaining a state of good repair on our existing roadway system and less toward the ability to expand the roadway system with capacity adding improvements.


While additional highway capacity will be warranted for some locations, the county will continue to educate and advocate for other congestion reduction measures (guided by the Roadway Network Focus Areas Map) including the application of travel demand management strategies and the installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) within our major roadway corridors. Autonomous and highly assisted vehicles technology will created additional opportunities and considerations in the near future. Improvements will reduce peak hour congestion and enhance the safety, operability and reliability of our major roadway corridors and will require support from the state, county, municipalities, and transportation partners.

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Roadway Network Focus Areas

Safety and mobility are roadway network priorities for the long-term future. The areas of focus illustrated on the map depict where major planning, design, or construction activities are anticipated to be most beneficial in improving safety and mobility. View larger map

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