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Identify new approaches for affordable housing

Examples of affordably priced housing

There are many residents in the county who struggle to afford housing. Development of a wider range of housing types on smaller lot sizes, with a limited range of add-on features, would offer options affordable to seniors, young workers, and those with limited incomes.

single family home

Small lot single family housing


Apartments over garages



Identify new funding, regulatory, and organizational ways to facilitate construction of affordable housing.


With a growing disconnect between housing costs and incomes within the county, and with employers in need of more workers, it is imperative to increase affordable housing options for all ages and abilities.


As a first step, it is important to identify potential solutions not currently being pursued in Chester County. This effort could examine the potential creation of a funding and/or loan program to support development of affordable housing in proximity to employment opportunities and with access to community facilities. Consideration should be given to the establishment of methods to facilitate construction of affordable housing through the reduction in the purchase price of developable land. The overall effort could analyze regulatory barriers to affordable housing and identify appropriate properties for potential acquisition. In addition, this effort could examine the potential establishment of a nonprofit based in and focused on Chester County, which could improve the ability of all partners to understand the conditions and needs within the county and could seek to fill existing gaps in the provision of housing. County, municipal, community, educational, business, economic development, and housing partners would need to coordinate on this effort.



single family home

Cluster design single family housing

Multifamily home

Multifamily housing