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Implement county solid waste plan

Support implementation of the Chester County Municipal Solid Waste Plan and other programs to ensure that solid waste and recycling needs are met through the coming decades.

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Provision for effective and safe solid waste disposal and recycling is a fundamental component of public health. The county solid waste plan, mandated by PA Act 101, ensures there will be ten years of available disposal capacity for municipal waste at the two county designated landfills (Chester County Solid Waste Authority and the Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority); that alternative methods of disposal and processing are explored; and that recycling of waste is occurring to the maximum extent feasible.


The solid waste plan update effort is led by the Chester County Solid Waste Task Force, which includes the Chester County Solid Waste Authority, Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority, the County Health Department, PA Department of Environmental Protection and consultants. While the municipalities ratify the Municipal Solid Waste Plan and the PA Department of Environmental Protection approves it, participation of all stakeholders is required for a successful implementation. Consideration of needs beyond the next ten years is critical as well, given population projections and time required to expand a facility or identify new options. To ensure that illegal disposal of waste does not impair the environment, efforts should also be undertaken to reduce illegal dumping and roadside littering. This can be accomplished through aggressive enforcement of existing laws from municipal partners, provision for difficult to dispose of items such as electronics, as well as through a targeted public awareness campaign.