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An official website of the Chester County Government.

Vision Partnership Program

The Vision Partnership Program (VPP) is available to Chester County municipalities and multi-municipal groups seeking to improve their planning programs while achieving consistency with and implementation of the goals, objectives, recommendations, and map of Landscapes3.

VPP Cash

Cash Grant

The Cash Grant has two competitive rounds per year, funding permitting, through which a municipality may hire a private consultant for planning projects. Learn More

VPP Technical

County Consulting – Technical

The County Consulting – Technical projects are undertaken based on staff availability and the potential to implement Landscapes3. Learn More

VPP Rolling Mini

Rolling Mini-Grant Program

The rolling mini-grants are available to single county municipalities seeking to quickly implement specific municipal outreach initiatives of the Chester County Planning Commission. Learn More

VPP Awards

Grants Awarded

Learn about some projects awarded grants since 2018. Learn More


Comparison of Cash Grants and County Consulting Technical Grants

Did you know there are two sides to the Vision Partnership Program? View the chart to understand the difference. Learn More



VPP Grant Recipients Since 1996

The Chester County Planning Commission created an interactive map that indicates what types of VPP projects municipalities have participated in since the program first started in 1996. This includes municipalities that were individual grant recipients, multi-municipal grant recipients, and those that received both.

View larger map