Signage (Non-Traffic Related)


An outdoor sign, display, light, figure, painting, drawing, message, plaque, billboard or other thing which is designed, intended or used to advertise or inform.

Also known as: Advertising signs.


PennDOT: Recommended use of the Pennsylvania Code, Title 67, Chapter 445, Outdoor Advertising Devices, for properties adjacent to the right-of-way of the interstate and Federal aid primary system


The location of signs should never present unnecessary hazards for pedestrians or vehicular traffic. When possible gather signs together into a unified system. Signs should always be placed to allow for the maximum amount of sight distance. They should not be located directly in the driver's line of sight, especially at intersections. The scale and placement of the sign should also be sensitive to the context of its location.


Examples of non-traffic related signage adjacent to the roadway.

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