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Promote bus service within growth areas

Promote universally accessible bus service to employment centers and growth areas.


An expanded bus network is crucial to accommodating the anticipated population and employment growth destined for our urban and commercial/employment centers; remaining economically competitive in the region; reducing highway congestion; addressing accessibility needs of all residents, and improving air quality. Projected population growth will provide increased density within our growth areas, which is critically necessary to expand and financially support bus operations.


The development of a universally accessible network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including trails, walkways, and bus stops with amenities to provide safe and continuous connections between the bus transit network and transit user destinations, is key for the overall network. The Public Transit Enhancements Map depicts proposed expansions of bus services within the broader public transit network and growth areas. Chester County will continue to work with SEPTA and TMACC in the development of their Annual Service Plans to identify service extension opportunities to commercial and employment centers, as well as to refine existing bus routes to serve more riders and achieve efficient routing. Chester County will also continue to advocate for both additional and improved bus service with transportation partners, and Delaware County through participation in the West Chester Pike Coalition. Additional advocacy and support will be required from municipalities, land developers, and other transportation service providers.

How we Connect

Public transit enhancements

This map illustrates recommended expanded public transit services in addition to existing facilities and services. The extension of new rail service past Thorndale to Coatesville and to a new Atglen regional rail station is envisioned. A new regional rail station is also being considered between the Exton and Malvern rail stations.

New commuter bus services are envisioned along the Route 100 corridor between Pottstown and Eagle/Exton, and along the US 1 corridor into Delaware County. Also envisioned is the return of commuter rail service to the Schuylkill River Valley communities and the Borough of West Chester. View larger map.