Prosper Goal

ProsperGrow our economic strength through developing and sustaining a skilled workforce, adaptable work areas, supportive infrastructure, a culture of innovation, and engaged communities.

Why it Matters

Economic opportunity is an essential element of healthy communities, supporting the quality of place across our landscapes. A strong and diverse economy provides economic opportunity through job and business growth, and provides the financial resources for preserving open space, delivering quality education, and maintaining and enhancing infrastructure for the benefit of the entire community.

Being responsive to changing markets is imperative to maintaining a healthy and resilient economy. Technology has profoundly impacted every aspect of business, from employee recruitment to consumer sales.

Business diversity contributes to a stable and robust economy, while redevelopment of underutilized properties, such as brownfields and greyfields, revitalizes communities.

Maximizing the value of the county's commercial areas for the greatest benefit to businesses and residents depends on innovative approaches that integrate community assets and economic activities. Locating economic opportunities close to population centers has multiple benefits for businesses and employees. Engaging with communities across age groups, income levels, and neighborhoods on economic policies and programs is critical to creating long-lasting prosperity for all community members.

VISTA 2025, Chester County's Economic Development Strategy, is a primary tool for implementing economic policies that allow for a continued balance of preservation and growth. VISTA 2025 focuses on enhancing quality of place, attracting and growing talent, attracting and retaining business, establishing an innovation culture, and supporting critical infrastructure. Implementation of economic development strategies that are supported by the community and informed by current market analysis are key to continuation of the county's strong economic health.

Metrics to Measure Success