Landscapes3 Adoption and Endorsements

65 Municipalities Endorse Landscapes3

In 2019, 65 of the county's 73 municipalities endorsed Landscapes3, Chester County's new comprehensive plan. By endorsing Landscapes3, these municipalities recognized the need to balance growth and preservation and address issues that transcend local boundaries. View a map to see which municipalities have endorsed Landscapes3.

Commissioners Adopt Landscapes3

We are pleased to announce that the Chester County Commissioners adopted Landscapes3, the county's next long-range comprehensive plan, during a public hearing on November 29th.

Landscapes3 has been a collaborative process for the past two years in which county officials and planners gathered input from municipal officials, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders. Development of Landscapes3 was guided by the Planning Commission's nine-member volunteer board and a steering committee of 27 members who volunteered their time and expertise.

Now that Landscapes3 has been adopted by the Commissioners, the Planning Commission board and staff will begin working on implementation of the plan with the help of municipalities, partner agencies, and organizations.

View Commissioners' Press Release.

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Commissioners Adopt L3