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Conduct a freight study

Conduct a study of freight service areas of concern to improve service while minimizing impacts.


Given the county's proximity to Delaware River ports and the Philadelphia International Airport, the county's roadway and rail networks are critical to the local, regional, and international movement of goods.


Freight flows through and within the county primarily on major roadway and rail corridors, as depicted on the Roadway Network Focus Areas Map . This movement of goods impacts the transportation system, local municipalities, and residents. Modern navigation systems and a lack of effective signage have created unintended consequences for many local communities when trucking freight travels outside of the major corridors and onto local roadways, which may be incapable of handling large trucks due to clearance, weight, or turning radius restrictions. The county, in coordination with PennDOT and DVRPC, should conduct a study to identify areas of concern, offer clear definition for where trucks should operate within the roadway system, and provide those findings to the navigation system providers. The county, municipalities, and transportation partners will continue to advocate for roadway and signage improvements to address areas of concern on roadways and to ensure that the rail network and airports provide for the safe and efficient movement of goods.

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Roadway Network Focus Areas

Safety and mobility are roadway network priorities for the long-term future. The areas of focus illustrated on the map depict where major planning, design, or construction activities are anticipated to be most beneficial in improving safety and mobility. View larger map