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Advance implementation of transportation improvements

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Identifying and prioritizing transportation improvements directs funding towards projects that will improve the flow of traffic and the safety of drivers.

Advance the funding and implementation of transportation improvements with a prioritized inventory of projects and coordinated advocacy.


Because the need for transportation improvements across all modes far exceeds the funds available to plan, design, and construct the improvements, a complete and prioritized countywide inventory of transportation improvements is essential.


Based on the existing Transportation Improvements Inventory (TII), the inventory will cover all surface transportation modes and the facilities that serve them, including major corridors, public transportation, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, bridges, and roadways. Prioritization for transportation improvements will be determined by critical need and consensus among residents, municipalities, municipal officials, and transportation agencies. Critical need is determined by factors such as functional class, average daily traffic volume, identified safety and congestion issues, and level of public support. This inventory will be the basis for seeking funding either by inclusion on the biennial Transportation Improvements Program (TIP) administered by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) or other funding sources for the implementation of transportation improvements. The Chester County Planning Commission will develop the inventory and advocate for funding in partnership with municipalities and transportation partners.