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Promote healthy lifestyle choices

How we Live

WalkWorks Chesco involved multiple partners in encouraging walking as an easy way to improve health, addressing multiple public health issues.

Promote healthy lifestyle choices to the public and municipalities through a variety of platforms and technical assistance.


Increased awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices plays an important role in creating healthy communities.


Building from existing programs, this effort could include public awareness programs to emphasize the benefits of active recreation as well as to promote an expanded trail, sidewalk, and recreation network that is accessible to people with a range of abilities. Information could be provided on county websites, partner websites, social media, and direct contact with municipalities. Technical assistance to municipalities to build the system for increased pedestrian and bicycle mobility, as well as collaborative projects that encourage residents to get daily physical activity should be undertaken. Technical assistance could be provided by the Planning Commission for pedestrian and bicycle studies or to amend municipal ordinances to promote greater mobility opportunities.