Implementation — How we Live

Support human and social services to serve evolving community needs

The proposed Kennett Library reflects a collaborative community effort that seeks to serve all generations with meeting rooms, an auditorium for community events, tutoring rooms, classrooms for English as a second language classes, online access, and, of course, books.

Encourage convenient and centralized locations for citizens to access human and social services that most effectively serve diverse and evolving needs.


An evolving and responsive human services system is required to meet changing needs and to create healthy communities that support residents of all ages and abilities.


Building from existing programs and community networks, the county should continue to engage with municipalities and other partners to emphasize the importance of supportive social services that evolve to meet community needs. Discussion should continue between the county, municipalities and service providers to investigate the ability to incorporate social services in commercial areas and existing community facilities such as libraries and senior centers. Specific focus should be on locating services in areas served by public transportation and in multi-use facilities that provide a variety of services.