Act 247 County Review

Application and Fee Schedule

Under the Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247) any proposed subdivision, land development proposal or ordinance revision, is to be submitted to the County Planning Commission for advisory review. View application and fee schedule.

Digital Submittal Process

Online submittals are required through the Chester County Self Service portal, or CSS, for all applications required for review under Act 247. A registered CSS account is required to complete the process. All documents related to the submittal should be PDFs and the Referral Application should be included. PDF copies of plan drawings must be flattened before uploading. Unflattened plans will be returned for correction.

Fee Payment

Once your plan has been processed, an invoice will be generated. CSS account holders can access the online payment system 24/7 to enter payment information directly. Most major credit card brands are accepted with a processing fee. Payment by check (mail or in-person) or via credit card at the Planning Commission office also remains available. Please note: that the review process will not begin until the plan, completed Referral Application form, and payment have been received.


We are requiring appointments for all plans to be endorsed. Please call 610-344-6285 or email the office at before you come in.

Act 537 Sewage Facility Review Application

Act 537 requires that Chester County review any proposed changes to a municipality's sewage facilities plan. CCPC conducts these reviews as part of its environmental planning. View application.

VPP Grant Manual

The VPP Municipal Planning Grant Manual contains the full requirements of the grant program. Learn more and view the application.