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Economic Development

Chester County Economy Dashboard

Chester County Economy Dashboard


This report provides local economy data that can be used to guide economic growth for the county. Economic conditions are constantly shifting, and data used in this report provide a snapshot of the county's economy. The data in this report highlights the County's economic strengths and weaknesses and can be used to inform recommendations for the implementation of the county's comprehensive plan, Landscapes3.

This report is divided into six sections that describe the county economy; Resident Characteristics, Employment Characteristics, Business Characteristics, Gross Domestic Product Totals, Key Industry Groups, and Real Estate Characteristics. Access detailed information for each below or view an overview in the Executive Summary.

ResidentResident Characteristics

Characteristics of Chester County's residents, who may work in the county or commute out of the county. Learn More

EmploymentEmployment Characterstics

Characteristics of workers in Chester County, who may be residents of the county or commute into the county. Learn More

BusinessBusiness Characteristics

Basic business characteristics in Chester County, including major employers, number of establishments, and size of establishments. Learn More

GDPGross Domestic Product Totals

Gross Domestic Product totals for counties and industries. Industries that lead in employment do not necessarily lead in Gross Domestic Product. Learn More

Real EstateReal Estate Characterstics

Real estate characteristics, including residential construction, housing sale prices, nonresidential construction, office market conditions, industrial market conditions, and retail market conditions. Learn More

IndustrialKey Industry Groups

Nine key industry groups identified by the Chester County Economic Development Council as critical industry groupings. Learn More

Background Information

Data used in the report were derived from multiple sources and compiled to give a snapshot of the current economic conditions in Chester County. Data sources include: The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census, Bureau of Economic Analysis, ArcGIS Business Analyst, the PA Department of Labor, CoStar, National Establishment Time-Series (NETS), Chester County Assessment Data, Chester County building permits, site visits, Google Maps, and municipal outreach. The most recent available year of data varies by source, ranging between 2019 and 2022. Data year is noted in figure titles. Learn More