Ag Production in Local Communities

Posted January 26, 2023


There's no doubt that public interest in local food has increased significantly over recent years, and because of this, many municipalities are receiving more requests for agricultural businesses or at-home food production.

In particular, interest in raising backyard chickens continues to increase, and municipalities are encouraged to regulate the keeping of chickens in order to address any community concerns and ensure that proper standards are in place. When done correctly, many residents and communities have been able to reap the benefits of raising backyard chickens. Learn more about this eTool.

Additionally, while not new to Chester County by any means, Controlled-Environment Agriculture (or indoor agriculture activities) can provide a unique advantage to those looking to increase agricultural production by allowing the year-round production of edible, ornamental, and high-value plants. Learn more about this eTool.

To help municipalities plan for these increased agricultural requests, the county's Ag Development Council prepared two informational sheets with links to specific eTools and PA state guidance. Learn more and download the PDFs.