Meet Our New Heritage Preservation Coordinator

Posted October 12, 2022


With so much history in Chester County, it's important to tell the story of the county's past through various ways. The Chester County Planning Commission helps to fulfill this mission, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome our new Heritage Preservation Coordinator, Laura DeMatteo!

From a young age, Laura has been interested in both planning and preservation and always hoped to find work that allowed her to pursue both passions. "The Heritage Preservation Coordinator position has afforded me the opportunity to do just that," she noted. "Additionally, my heart has always been in Chester County, and I'm thrilled to be able to work in a place that supports thoughtful stewardship of the county's many historic resources."

When asked what she's most interested in getting involved with at CCPC, Laura replied that she's looking forward to promoting the preservation and appreciation of the county's historic resources, landscapes, and stories. "I'm also really excited about projects that involve an intersection of preservation with other functional planning areas," she added.

A Chester County native, Laura grew up in Downingtown Borough and currently lives in West Bradford Township where she enjoys watching the deer, foxes, groundhogs, and all sorts of birds outside her window. While she enjoys living in the woods, Laura considers herself more of a "town mouse" and hopes to soon move back to the Borough where she can run into neighbors while out walking with her family. Her two favorite places in Chester County include ChesLen Preserve and Baldwin's Book Barn.

In her spare time, Laura can most likely be found with her five-month-old daughter, marveling at seeing the world through her eyes. "It is remarkable to watch her take in the world and use her senses to learn new things," she said. "[My daughter] is currently very interested in watching tree limbs and leaves blow in the wind, and it's fun to see her eyes lock on that movement while we're outside. Thinking about things from her perspective makes me slow down and be present."

Aside from being with her daughter, one of Laura's favorite things to do is walk around Philadelphia looking for buildings designed by Frank Furness. She notes, "My all-time favorite Furness building is the Fisher Fine Arts Library at UPenn. So many textures! So many gargoyles!" Additionally, she loves all things French — from the language, to food, to history, to the magical Fontaine-de-Vaucluse and more.

Laura's favorite life motto is one which her dear friend lived by, "Joy shared is doubled. Sorrow shared is halved," noting "It's an important reminder of the power of personal connection."

We look forward to working with Laura!

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