Meet our new Transportation Planner

Posted July 6, 2022


Our transportation planners play an important role in not only the day-to-day initiatives of Chester County, but also the future. We are excited to welcome our newest transportation planner to the Chester County Planning Commission — Alex Sankaran!

"The open transportation planner position was perfect timing, as my interests in transportation led me to the planning field," noted Alex, who was born, raised, and currently resides in West Chester. "Additionally, I wanted the opportunity to do planning in a place that I was already quite familiar with."

From trails and sidewalks to bridges and beyond, Chester County's transportation system is constantly evolving. When asked what he's looking forward to getting involved with the most at CCPC, Alex noted that he's very excited to work on public transit projects. "I've always been fascinated by transportation, so I think this was always a natural fit for me," he added.

Alex considers himself a city person and loves being in any urban environment. He also loves sports — particularly baseball, football, and soccer — and has a sizable baseball card collection. Additionally, he enjoys playing quiz bowl (and other quiz competitions), traveling, and exploring new cities.

During his spare time, Alex can most likely be found relaxing at home. When asked what his favorite quote is, he replied with "When you come to a fork in the road, take it" by Yogi Berra — a great quote for a transportation planner.

We look forward to working with Alex!

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